The Practical Empath-
Surviving and Thriving as a Psychic Empath
Catherine Kane

    Are You a Psychic Empath?....

    Do people say you’re too sensitive?
    Do other people’s emotions overwhelm you?
    Do you carry abdominal weight you can’t seem to lose?

   You may be a psychic empath, tuned into emotional
   energy which can empower or drain you. To use your
   gift to help yourself and others, you need to learn
   skills that give you control of your gift. This is the book
   to help you do just that. Full of clear information and 
   useful techniques , The Practical Empath is written to
   help empaths understand and get control of their

   It’s also written for the people around them who want
    to understand and support the psychics in their lives.

   Learn about clearing and grounding out negative                            energy,energetic shields and other ways to control the                 energy you take in, and other ways to use your gift to       
   make your life and the lives of others better.

   Are you a psychic empath? This book will help you find              out, and put you in charge of your psychic gift…

"The Lands That Lie Between-
an Urban Fantasy with Morgan and Sam"
Catherine Kane

   The day that Morgan lost her job, she knew that change
   was coming. She broke her lease, threw everything that
    she valued in life (including her cat, Sam) in her van,
    kissed her adoptive parents and her little brother
    good bye and started a cross-country trek.

    She knew that change was coming. She expected that. 
    What she wasn’t expecting was elves, or magick walking
    in the world around her, or the beauty and danger of
    the Lands That Lie Between…

"Manifesting Something Better"
Catherine Kane

    We are always manifesting- so why don't we manifest 
    something better?

    The world is made of energy and our own energy  
    determines the things, people and experiences in our
     lives. Better energy-better life. The trick is to know how
     to use your energy to manifest the life you want.

    This book is here to tell you how to do just that. It's
    full of simple methods for improving your energy and
     working with it to manifest the things you want in your
     life. Easy, fun and practical.

    Are you manifesting something better? This book will
    show you how.

Catherine's latest book!

The Psychic Power of Your Dreams:
Practical Skills For Working With Your Dreams
For Insight, Information, Creativity And A Better Life
Catherine Kane

    Your dreams are the doorway to your psychic self. We
    are all psychic- and dreams are the way most of us
    first get in touch with our intuition. Dreams bypass
    blocks and judgment, and put us in contact with our
    natural inner wisdom. It’s easy- and this book will
    teach you how. You’ll learn:

• The types of dreams, (Which one are you having?)
How to remember your dreams,
A simple way to interpret your personal dreams,
How to dream to access your psychic ability,
• How to deal with problem dreams,
And much, much more.

     Awaken your own psychic gifts through your dreams.
     This book will show you how.

Foresight Publications
Foresight Publications
    Foresight Publications brings you the information you    
     need for the Adventure of Life - practical, grounded                     information in the areas of metaphysics, spirituality,
    self-improvement and alternative health that is simple,             clear and easy to use to make your own life better.

Adventures in Palmistry
Catherine Kane

  Your Destiny is in your hands -
       and you can have a hand in your destiny!

   Reading palms can empower and
   enlighten you, giving you the information you need for
   the adventure of life, and enabling you to help others  
   around you. And it can be a lot of fun, as well.

   "Adventures in Palmistry" makes palmistry easy and
   fun. It puts the power of palmistry in your hands...

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