Catherine -
Areas of Knowledge

Alternative Medicine
Christian Metaphysics
Core Divination
Dream Interpretation
Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T.)
Folk Magick
Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis
Manifestation Techniques
Metaphysical Ethics
Metaphysical Safety Precautions
Mind-Body Connection
Past Life Regression
Psychic Readings (specialities-
                                 *I Ching,
                                 *pendulum dowsing)
Reiki (Usui, Angelic, Karuna, Japanese Traditional)
Self- Improvement
Techniques for personal growth
Tibetan singing bowls, bells (gantas) and tsingchas

and much more...


Completed basic and advanced hypnotherapy training,
       including practice and practical experience.
Teaching Master of Usui, Angelic and Karuna Reiki
Certified in Japanese Reiki, Run Valdyr (formerly known as Runic Reiki),
       and Magnified Healing
Experienced teacher of metaphysics, psychic development, alternative medicine,
       self-improvement and spiritual growth.
Over 40 years of learning, practicing and teaching in these areas.

Some Possible Classes

Adventures in Palmistry
Affirmations for Health and Success
Building Your Inner Sanctuary (for growth and healing)
Dream Interpretation
Five Minute Meditation (simple techniques for Busy People)
Introduction to Crystals
Meet Your Angels
Pendulum Dowsing- a Simple Way to Find Answers
Relaxation, Meditation and Visualization for Beginners

and many more...

(For additional options, please see the pages "Classes" and "Class Descriptions" 
       on the Foresight website.)

If you do not see the class here that you'd like to take, please ask.
       Catherine's field of knowledge is eclectic and covers more than
       is listed above.