• Think you might be psychic? Want to learn more about basic       
              psychic abilities and how to work with them?  "You Are Psychic"                   by Pete Sanders is a great book for getting  started (please note                         that there are several books with this title. This particular book
                is the one Catherine reccommends.)

  • Want practical information on the Law of Attraction and how to      draw the things, people and experiences you'd like into your life? Try "The Law of Attraction in Action" , a down to earth (and fun) book that gives you simple methods
                   to get  the LoA working in your life.

  • Want to interact with people who are into paranormal topics?
             Folks who may inderstand you when you talk about unusual
             metaphysical events? Check out the community and live chat                        during shows at www.liveparanormal.com


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