"A fun experience..."

" I felt so comfortable. It was very accurate."

"Interestingly on target!"

"...all so personal and very true. I enjoyed this so much!..."

"...Very professional, warm and helpful..."

" Wonderful reading -my first....
You were right on track.
You saw the truth and brought it to the forefront...."

"Interesting and hopeful."

"...right on the mark.
Keyed in on recent issues without any clues...."

" Wow."

"I liked learning about palmistry as well as about myself.."

" Very honest-reading gave me hope & things to look forward to"

" My tarot reading certainly gives me food for thought
and a confirmation of my recent life assessment!"

" I look forward to your insightful reading
every Renaissance Festival-
thank you for the inspiration."

" Normally I don't use cards or palm readings.
But Both sounded alot like Me."

"I felt that she knew me.
She reflected many of the feelings that I have been fighting with. Gave me a little more enthusiasm for life."

"...I have been very anxious about things lately,
and a positive reading helped to assuage some of my fears..."

"...thought provoking!..."

"I had these dreams for 3 years and noone was able to help me.
They really scared me and I had no idea what to do.
You were the first person who was able to help me.
You told me what was going on
and you made me less afraid.
I am now excited for my future..."

" The reading was wonderful
and the discussion afterwards was fated
as that changed my life even more than the reading-"

"...so incredibly true.Your reading was amazing..."

" Great reading in 2005-
all came to pass within a year."

"I was not a believer until now...."


The Knowledge You Need For the Adventure of Life...
Our Clients Speak....

Every psychic reading is special, unique and different,
just as every client is.  As you can see from these quotes from our clients, many different kinds of experiences  are possible.

Your own experience in a reading will be influenced by
the questions you bring and what you are looking for, whether entertainment, advice, information,  or something else.

We commit to put our collective 80 years of experience as
caring, empowering, professional psychics at your service
in order to give you the best readings possible.

What kind of experience will you have?...