( Classes labeled "C" taught by Catherine,
"S" taught by Starwolf )

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Adventures in Palmistry (C) -

Affirmations- Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind (C) -

Boundaries, Balance   and Nurturing Yourself (C)-

Clearing and Releasing Negative Programs (C)  -

Core Divination (C) -

Dream a Little Dream... (C) -

Energetic Shields (C)  -

Finding and Living Your Dreams (C) -

5 Minute Relaxation, Meditation and Visualization Techniques 
For Busy People (C) -

Hexbreaking, Uncrossing and Curse Turning (S) -

Introduction to Acupressure (C)-

Introduction to Dowsing (S) -

Introduction to Palmistry (C) -

Introduction to Reiki (C) -

Introduction to Self-Hypnosis (C) -

Introduction to Shamanism (S) -

Kaizen - Using Baby Steps to Work Wonders (C)  -

Law of Attraction - a "Play-Shop" in Manifestation (C) -

Manifesting Prosperity (C) -

Meet Your Angels (C) -

Metaphysical Dowsing  (C ) - 

Path of the Empath - Empathy 101 (C) -

Psychic Development "Play Shop" (C)  -

Practical Grounding and Centering (C, S) -

Pendulum Dowsing  (C) -

Psychic Protection (C) -

Reiki - It's Not Just for Healing Anymore (C) -

Releasing Your Limits - An Introduction to E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique )  (C) -

Scrying (C) -

Self-Esteem (C) -

Symbols in Magick (C) -

A Touch of Tibet (C) - ( singing bowls, gantas/singing bells, tsingchas )

A Touch of Acupressure (C)

Vision Boards-Personal Tools for Transforming Your Life (C) -

Warding (S) -

Wyrd Science (S) -

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