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"S" taught by Starwolf )

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Adventures in Palmistry (C) - Your destiny is in your hands... and you can have a hand in your destiny! In the ancient art of palmistry, the signs in your hands show the key points of past, present and future, revealing love, adventure, adversity, opportunity, your talents and needs. As you change the direction of your life, your palm shifts to reflect that new path. Reading palms can empower and enlighten you, giving you the knowledge you need to chose the best path for your life and help other people to chose their best lives as well. And it can be a lot of fun. This class is easy and fun, is designed for all levels of experience, and will give you practical skills you can use immediately.

Boundaries, Balance and Nurturing Yourself (C) - Are you so busy taking care of everyone else that you have no time for your own well-being and dreams? It's very easy to get so caught up in nurturing others that we burn out ourselves. Come learn some basic, practical skills on setting a balance between meeting your own needs and those of others in order to have a happier, healthier life.

Clearing and Releasing Negative Programs (C) - I know what to do-so why don't I do it? Most of us have beliefs (conscious or un-) that sabotage our ability to learn, grow and live our dreams. It's time to clean house. Join us for a lightning tour of an assortment of methods (including an amazing 30 second release) of clearing negative energy, releasing dysfunctional beliefs, increasing positive energy and putting ourselves back in the driver's seats of our lives. Better energy attracts a better life.

Core Divination (C) -  All methods of divination are skills designed to help us use our natural psychic abilities. In this class, we'll take a look at the truths that lie at the heart of all of these skills, learn about some new and different methods of divination (including one using your T.V. remote!) and see how to create new ways of doing psychic readings that are accurate, personal and unique.

Dream a Little Dream... (C)- For most of us, the first place that psychic ability surfaces is in our dreams. While not all dreams are psychic, insight gained through our dreams can help us solve problems, gain insight into ourselves and others, and even acces our sixth sense. Learn a simple and practical method of interpreting your own dreams.

Hexbreaking, Uncrossing and Curse Turning (S) - The real defense against the Dark Arts...

Introduction to Dowsing (S) -  Using L-rods and pendulums .

Introduction to Shamanism (S) - What a shaman is, metaphysical geography and the duties of a shaman.

Kaizen - Using Baby Steps to Work Wonders (C) - All of us are capable of accomplishing amazing things; but at many times, we find ourselves stuck and leave our dreams waiting. Come learn the basics of Kaizen, the art of using small actions to overcome our resistance and inertia in order to make big things happen.

The Law of Attraction-a "Play-Shop" in manifestation (C) - It all boils down to four words : your thoughts become things ! Learn the basics of how to use the law of attraction and your intent to change your life and attract more of the people, things and experiences you would prefer. Come prepared to learn and have fun.

Manifesting Prosperity (C) - How can we attain prosperity? There's hard work and the weekly paycheck, of course, but how can we use our non-physical abilities to contribute to that abundance of  all things meaningful in our world? Come join us for a lightning tour of  the metaphysics of manifestation- an all-you-can- eat buffet of bringing prosperity into your life.

Meet Your Angels (C) - Angels are present throughout history throughout the beliefs of many cultures. Most of all, angels are present in the lives of each of us today, watching over us, guarding and guiding us, helping us to live our best lives possible. They can help us with health, prosperity, living our callings and many other important facets of our lives.
     In Meet Your Angels , you will not only learn about the history and beliefs about angels, but also practical skills to help you contact your angel, develop an angel team and work in concert with your angels to have a better life. This class designed for seekers of all skill levels.

Metaphysical Dowsing (C)- The world is full of energy - flowing, radiating, transforming. When you can tap into that energy and understand it's many states, new possibilities open up to you! Come learn to use various techniques and tools (including your own body) for dowsing to understand the energy fields around you, detect and clear "stuck" energy, find lost items, answer questions and for other interesting and useful activities. For all experience levels.

Path of the Empath - Empathy 101 (C) - Psychic empathy (psychic sensitivity to the emotional vibrations of others) can be a blessing, a totally overwhelming state, or anything in between. Come learn basic practical skills to make your empathy the gift it was meant to be. Learn to survive and thrive as an empath.

Practical Grounding and Centering (S, C) - Grounding (facilitating energy flow by connecting with the Earth) and centering (stilling inner distractions and finding energetic balance) are both useful and necessary first skills to any serious magickal or energetic work. Done regularly, they're not only helpful in metaphysics, but also a healthy practice for manging stress and dealing with the everyday distractions that disrupt your inner balance. Come learn the basics of practical grounding and centering.

Reiki- It's Not Just for Healing any More (C) - Originally from Japan but now practiced aroundthe world, Reiki (also known as Usui Reiki) is a system of energy work that supports healing in body, mind and spirit. While traditionally useful for healing, there are quite a number of other applications for Reiki, including keeping old cars running, clearing rooms of negative energy and manifesting. Come learn some new takes on how to work with Reiki.

Releasing Your Limits - An Introduction to E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique) (C) - We know what to do - to be happy, healthy, successful; to live the life of our dreams... We know what to do... so why don't we do it? We all have beliefs (conscious or unconscious) that limit us, sabotage our happiness, hold us back from living our best lives possible. These beliefs can be hard to break free of. 
     Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple, quick, fun method of releasing these limiting beliefs and replacing them with ones that support our prosperity, growth and happiness. It combines belief statements with tapping on points along our energy meridians to literally change our minds so we can change our lives. Learn basic, practical skills in E.F.T. so you can release your blocks and live your dreams.

Symbols in Magick (C) -Symbols are powerful tools for gaining information and for manifestation. Here's your chance to learn the essentials about using symbols in psychic readings, dreamwork, visions, manifestation and other magickal practices.

A Touch of Acupressure Let’s get right to the point -life is lots of fun, but too much fun can take its toll on your body. Basic acupressure (no needles involved) can help you regain your health and center, as well as strengthen your health in the long run. All in as little as one minute per issue per day. (Yes, you did read that correctly…).

In this class, learn simple points to relieve sinus and migraine headaches, give you an instant “burst of energy” (without a post-caffeine slump), relieve pain and other helpful applications. Practical, easy to learn skills that you can use immediately.

A Touch of Tibet (C) - Sound and energy are perfect partners. In this class, I present an overview of some traditional Tibetan ceremonial instruments ( singing bowls, gantas or singing bells, and tinshas) and show you some interesting and practical ways to use them for energywork. If we have time, we'll also play the instruments as a group (if you have any of the above instruments, please bring them.)

Vision Boards- Personal Tools for Transforming Your Life (C) - The Law of Attraction says that we attract more of whatever we put our attention on. A Vision board is a personalized tool for doing just that. In this hands-on class, we'll look at a wide variety of vision boards and ways to use them to focus our energy and manifest our dreams. After a meditation exercise to help us focus our goals and dream big, we'll make our own unique vision boards to start attracting more of what we want in life.

Warding (S) - Your home is your castle. Just as it's wise to shield your personal energy, it's also good to protect your home from negative influences. Wards are techniques and objects that create firm energetic boundaries around home, office and other personal areas to keep good energy in, negative energy out and make your space truly your own. Starwolf's class includes a wide range of practical options with something for everyone, from just starting out to experienced warder.

Wyrd Science - Into the Toy Chest (S) - Technology and Magick- together at last! Learn about devices to clear negative energy, support your body's abilityto heal, focus energy, make you less conspicuous, protect your enrgy field, and do other interesting things. History and how-to.

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